Тексты песен группы “Octopus” (“Nia Ou Veas”)

Nice And Fluffy

So nice and fluffy,
Not wise — not suffer;
Marten plays on fresh snow.
White fur scintillates
On light of midnight-moon,
With light heart
Marten plays on midnight.

Cold night — she plays,
Sun shine — same ways;
Marten plays still,
Marten plays on a hill.
Makes her animal deal,
Yonder, place of ant-hill.

Look around, marten
For started hunting.
Hunter lifts his
Howling hound
Seeks around,
Ready for gory hunting.
Flee away, my little marten.

By the by, do you think
Is making mantle of marten is only possible?
Nothing a kind!
Do you know what a pretty sash
May turn out of a marten?

Стихотворение Ильи (он же Cold Deer, он же Колдырь; отчество-фамилию не помню, контактов уже нет; если набредёт и захочет — пусть свяжется, контакты есть на сайте)