Тексты песен группы “Octopus” (“Nia Ou Veas”)


I fear
That when I get up
No one’ll come up
And no one will come into my dreams

So far the sun
Having a hound?
Fuck it all
I’ve got a fear

Hou! Now, now I know
What is the world to care about
Now, now I know what is the world 
…Having a hunt?

Hunt! Hunt! Hunt! Having fun… O, low-n-low
Hunt, hunt, hunt, have a fun! O-o-o, no!

O, what I hear — love is the rush
Give it give it come-come home-home
O, I’ll never got that fear tomorrow
I’ve got the phone no long… give in the home

O, now I see…
Tee-tee tiki bare the phone to say together
O, now I’ve got a hound to get that fear
How long get it all in a home together

Leave it all alone
Fuck it all the way
To mind now
O, I haven’t got to say: “hey!”

…Having all alone…
O, what I fear
Love all
O, now I know…

Sun, sun, sun, sun, sun, sun…
Sun — I feel!
I want to get the precious

     — Daughter!
     — Yes, father?

Sun… Sun…
…O, I run now father

Hack, hack, hack, hack
To the barrow noel known well hole