Тексты песен проекта «Ниа и Смоллетт за оздоровление отечественной гинекологии»

Nice And Black

So nice and black,
Neither alive nor dead,
Dennie plays the electric chair.
Long hair scintillates
In the light of the neon lamps;
With light heart Dennie plays
With the blackness of his face.

The highest voltage — Dennie plays,
Lower — looks for a hope to chase.
Dennie plays for a thousand years,
Makes his dead man’s deal,
Yonder, on the prison hill.

By the by do you think
That only a wire can be made out of a man?
Nothing of a kind!
Do you know that an electric bulb
Could be made out of the prisoner?
On the electric chair.
Everybody could be a burning scarecrow
In the electric nightmare.
Oh, yeah.